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About Us


D&T Electric Company was formed by two long term friends and coworkers with a two-fold purpose.  They earnestly desired to build a company that would work earnestly and honorably on behalf of not only customers, but employees as well.  Our belief that mutual ownership is required between all parties has led to continued personal and professional successes.


The past few years has blessed us to be a part of the automotive industry in Kentucky and our surrounding states.   During this time we have been privy to many parts of their culture to include their philosophy of Kaizen or "constant improvement."  We at D&T are constantly revising our systems, checklists, procedures and policies to ensure every experience in and with D&T is more efficient and productive with a high degree of excellence.  


Of all of our governing values "Ownership" ties them all together and is the center focus of all of our policies and procedures.  From first contact our team will take the most forthright actions to better understand the problem and work earnestly toward a solution.  Through a plethora of strategic partnerships with vendors, automators, specialty contractors and engineers we rarely happen upon a problem that cannot be scheduled through solution.

Our Governing Values - S.H.O.C.K.


Safety truly is our highest value.  Protecting facilities and equipment and ensuring everyone goes home the way they came in is our priority. Daily job hazard reviews and routine training better keeps our team members aware of hazard potentials.  


We believe that honesty and forthright actions between all parties during a project and employment creates a better work environment and also creates long lasting relationships. Sometimes doing what is right is not the easiest choice, but it is always the correct one. 


Ownership reminds us to make each project, site and facility our own.  When taking ownership of all of our other values a streamless decision making process should be derived.


 The old saying “Anything worth doing is worth doing well” bears true in all aspects of life.   Our hope is that is strong emphasis on quality and craftsmanship will lead to long term customer satisfaction.


Knowledge is our baseline principal.  In that we are routinely training.  Through educating ourselves we learn to work more safely and honorably with high levels of ownership and craftsmanship.

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